God Bless America Essay Contest winner

Congratulations to the following classes and students who wrote special essays about bringing peace to our world. Their wonderful ideas are on display in our school.

Congratulations to Classes Pre-3, Pre-4, and Kindergarten!!!
Wonderful projects!!!!

Congratulations to students in Grades 1-8 for writing wonderful, inspiring thoughts!

Noah Mears Sephora Delorme Sarithza Pressoir
Mel’Lahnee Blackwell Shiloah Lewis Miles Mackie
Serge-Erik Douge Gamille Valbrun

Wednesday March 15,2017

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy will be open tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15,2017.
Please bring your student(s) to school for our regular scheduled day if you are confident in the safety of their travel.

Congratulations Students of the Month for January

Elena Cordero
Molly Pierre
Alyssa Eugene
Isabella Clerge
Chelsea Netus
Demetrius Reveil
Kelsey Pearson
Alexander Cordero
Naherie Moise

Students exemplifying the Virtue of Perseverance in the month of January

Aiden Pierre
Keysaani Byers
Julian Foster
Reese Rhone
Ruth Mekako
Ashley Beasley
Stara Delphonse
Jordan Pottinger
Gabriel Barolette

Congratulations Students of the Month for December

Ariel John
Mason Lumsden
Elijah Ternize
Grace Akindayo
Myles Bluford
Monalissa Dorvilier
Amaya Vaz
Kayla Browne

Students exemplifying the Virtue of Charity for the Month of November!

Candace Lee
Jaylan Augustin
Courtney Bardouille
Franchesca Gerancon
Ashley Desrosiers
Jaylen Aris
Kymani King
Sanayah Cadesti
Charles Moreno

Congratulations Students of the Month for November

Chrisette Henry
Ariela Clemente
Sarithza Pressoir
Evan Lee
Gabriella Simon
Shilah Lewis
Nia Lland
Janiya Holder
Esther Akindayo
Julian Mathurin

Students Exemplifying the Virtue of Compassion for November!

Henry Joseph
Christelle Couloute
Jordyn Samuels
Matthew Prince
Kristine Brown
Chukwuemeka Nwosu
Jayden Lewis
Tahj Anderson
Tyrese Dixon
Abigail Francois

Congratulations Students of the Month for October

Abigail Nemorin
Hailey Eugene
Emmanuel John
Christian Mathurin
Mel’Lahnee Blackwell
Matthew Prince
Shilah Lewis
Stara Delphonse
Carmelo Delorme
Anai Simon
Charles Moreno

Students exemplifying the Virtue of Fortitude for October!

Tamia Behrman
Molly Pierre
Megan Netus
Grace Akindayo
Phallon Evans
Alicia Lavache
Christopher Adam
Amaya Vaz
Cassandra Elysee
Gamille Valbrun

February Exercise!

Get up and do your jumping jacks! They will keep you warm on these chilly days. Don’t forget during February vacation that your body needs to move and exercise. Jump rope or run around your backyard! Have some fun! Enjoy being healthy!

SHCA Religion Expo 2017

Each class created a 3 dimension display about a special angels chosen by their class.
Come in to see our special projects!


We are thankful that our own Mrs. Allison Murphy has been recognized by the Brooklyn Diocese as being talented and proficient to become a principal! She is now the Principal of St. Frances Cabrini School in Brooklyn. We are certainly proud of her achievement, but will miss her everyday!
God Bless Mrs. Murphy!