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I want to wish everyone a Very Happy and Safe New Year!

Topics to be covered in the Second Trimester 2017

Grade 3 and 4- Computer Hardware and Software Fundamentals

Grade 5 – Word Processing, Creating and Editing Documents

Grade 6 – Spreadsheets, Formatting Worksheets, Using Functions and Formulas

Grade 7 – Presentation Software, Creating and Enhancing Slideshows.

Grade 8 – HTML Programming, Creating and Editing Webpages


Grades 3 – 8 will be using the website for their computer lab lessons. Each student has their own account on that website and each week there will be a new lesson that must be completed. If a student is absent they are responsible for making up that week’s lesson. This can be done at home by going to the site and entering their username and password. The District is BQ Diocese.

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-Mr. Wong