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October is a fun time to get exercise outside. Rake some leaves! Jump in the pile. Help with yard work!
We have started our physical fitness President’s Challenge in class. Be sure to get exercise everyday!

Our Jumper Club will begin on Oct. 26 at lunch recess. Remember to bring your sneakers if you want to jump rope at lunch.

Physical Education Notes
– Please be sure to give your teacher your Participation Form that is  filled out and signed by a parent so you can participate in Physical Ed. class.

– Remember to wear your proper Physical Education uniform on the day your teacher tells you.

Happy New Year! I hope you are ready to continue our President’s Challenge work! We will also begin our volleyball skills as we endeavor to keep in good physical health!

Keep exercising! Stay healthy during the winter months. Ask your parents to park far from a store so you can walk a distance. Don’t forget your jumping jacks in or outside your home! Try to get 15 minutes of sunshine every day!

Remember to drink A LOT OF WATER!

Spring is almost here! Get ready to get outside and get some fresh air!

Spring has sprung! Go outside! Have fun even in the warm rain!

As we begin to attempt our end of the year tasks, let’s remember to put great effort into all we do. We will never regret effort, respect, integrity and a positive attitude! Those qualities will take us very far every day!