SHCA at 2019 NYC Catholic School Honor Band Concert

We are thrilled to announce that the following students haven been selected to participate in the 2019 New York City Catholic School Honor Band Concert:

  • Regis Agbata
  • Elizabeth Agbata
  • Peter Akindayo
  • Grace Akindayo
  • Myles Bluford
  • Danisha Couloute
  • Carmelo Delorme
  • Serge-Erik Douge
  • Osasenaga Egharevba
  • Esosa Egharevba
  • Kaden Jeanty
  • Danilo Lima
  • Ruth Mekako
  • Chelsea Netus
  • Cassandra Pierre
  • Anthony Previl
  • Aaron Prince
  • Matthew Prince
  • Jomaria Staco

These students represent the “best of the best” musicians from our area schools. All are invited to support them and hear them play in the concert. The concert will be held on Sunday, March 24th at 1:00 PM at St. Francis Preparatory School in Fresh Meadows.

Congratulations to all of our students and graduates!

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