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August 8, 2021

My Dear Parents,

Our prayer is that you and the children are enjoying God’s blessings and care as we walk through these summer days. It is amazing to realize that in exactly one month we will be back in the school building and classrooms. We look forward to seeing you and of course resuming our time and energies with the children. Please spend as much time as possible with the children in family fun and activities. and encourage the children to enjoy these days fully!

Following this letter, we provide you with an abbreviated opening of school calendar and a supply list. As you know from the previous two school terms, we have changed the supplies requested from home, in order that life be a bit more streamlined and efficient at school. ONLY requested items will be allowed in school, all else must remain at HOME!Please think simple and light for all supplies and equipment. The students need to keep their belongings secure in one desk/locker as storage space is extremely limited for all items including books, pencil cases, lunch bags, bookbags andouterwear.

All students, who were in attendance this past school term, should have completed all summer work and submitted it in their Google classroom. During these remaining days, children should be reading, safely enjoying good activities and play and of course praying daily.  We ask our parents to submit reregistration fees and the first tuition payment for the new school by August 15, if you have not done so already. We thank all of the parents who have made the sacrifice to make early payments, please know that we sincerely appreciate your sacrifice. We also ask that if you are experiencing any difficulty in making payment, please reach out to us in the office or to Mr. Itoka. Pease do this now as we wish to be of assistance in helping you make arrangements. We look forward to all of our students returning on time.Remember help is available, if we work together. Also don’t forget that there are discounts for having family members join in new accounts and a bonus if a new family comes due to you!

The Home School Association will resume in September. We need your help and support in keeping Sacred Heart at its best for all concerned stakeholders, especially as we prepare for Accreditation.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, we remain prayerfully yours,

In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and His Mother,

Your Faculty and Staff

K-8 School Supply List

September 2021 Calendar

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