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Sacred Heart Catholic Academy Classes and Teachers are listed below, click on a grade or teacher’s name for class news and homework assignments.

Early Childhood
Pre-K 3/4 – Mrs. Fils-Aime
Pre-K For All – Mrs. Perotti, Mrs. Vituli

Kindergarten – Mrs. Russo
First Grade – Ms. Rafanelli
Second Grade – Mrs. Carvajal
Third Grade – Mrs. Baer
Fourth Grade – Mrs. Staco
Fifth Grade – Mrs. Sass
Sixth Grade – Mrs. Leon
Seventh Grade – Mrs. Kiffin-Santiago
Eighth Grade – Mr. Aiello

Special Subjects
Physical Education – Mrs. Kunz
Computer – Mr. Wong
Library Arts – Mrs. Kiffin
Music – Mr. Kiernan
Art – Mrs. Sass

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