Homework, Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Religion- On loose leaf paper answer the following question:

  1. What are we celebrating and waiting for during this season?


Thursday November 15, 2018

Spanish- Complete worksheet on AR and IR Verbs due TOMORROW FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH. Also, please use your study sheet for next Tuesday’s Spanish Test Tuesday, November 20th.

Thursday 10/25/18

French- Complete the first two sections of your KWL chart.

Tuesday 10/9/18

1. Simple Solutions Lesson 8

2. Begin Working on both Religion Projects

3. Rest. Make sure you have a good night’s sleep for tomorrow’s Terra Nova Test

Friday 10/5/18

1. Homily Report

2. Simple Solutions lesson 7

Thursday 10/4/18

1. Simple Solutions Lesson 6

2. Complete Social Studies-Chapter 15. (notebook and workbook)

3. Complete Technology Project -due Tomorrow

4. Study- Religion Test is tomorrow

5. NY Math A- Read, copy and define Vocabulary pp. 4-7. Do exercises on p 9. #18-27

Wednesday 10/3/18

1. Simple Solutions Lesson 5

2. Study for tomorrow’s Technology Test

3. Continue working on your technology project

4. Religion Test is on Friday

Tuesday 10/2/18

1. Get Religion and Technology Calendars Signed

2. Study for Technology Test Chapter 10 (Thursday)

3. Work on Technology Project (Due Thursday)

4. Begin studying for Religion Test-Chapter 3 (Friday)

5. Complete Social Studies -Chapter 14