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A supportive and educational Catholic worldview.

At Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, we firmly believe it is the duty, responsibility, and honor, of all of the faculty and staff to assist with the spiritual development of the young men under our care. Our student body is made up of individuals from diverse walks of life, experiences, and faith traditions.  An essential component of their development is their spiritual maturity and well-being. Spirituality is intrinsically connected to characteristics such as virtue, morality, and ethics. We strive to assist all young men in growing into spiritually mature individuals.

Some key components of faith at Sacred Heart are liturgies on Wednesdays and First Fridays, Religion Classes, and the ability to receive the sacraments of Communion and Confirmation through our programs at Sacred Heart Church.

All students are required to attend Church every Wednesday and First Friday, as well as encouraged to attend Church at their parish.

As a Catholic School, Sacred Heart requires all students to complete Religion classes. The primary objective for these classes is to demonstrate the intricacies that make up the Christian Bible, and hopefully demonstrate to the students that regardless of their faith backgrounds, the Bible can be used as an instrument to guide our lives and help us to grow into individuals of character.

Since Sacred Heart is a school built on Christian principles, our staff and faculty strive to love and nurture each child in a Christ-like manner. That means selflessly serving the students under our care, building relationships with them, and caring for them regardless of where they are in faith, and encouraging them to develop into well-rounded, productive members of their community.

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