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Welcome to our class page!
Our Angel is St. Gabriel.
Our Motto is”Success waits at labor’s door!”
Our class virtue is Fortitude….The strength and courage to do what is right even when it is difficult.

Congratulations to our 7th Graders who achieved Honors our first trimester.
1st Honors- Serge-Erik Douge
2nd Honors – Carmelo Delorme, Cassandra Elysee,Emmanuel Faustin, Janiya Holder, Catherine King, Jada Pinnock
Principal’s List – Sanayah Cadesti, Jolena Davis, Marvin Garcon,Patricia Tout-Puissaint

Our 7th Graders are putting together a Black History skit. They will be acting out some lives of famous Black Americans while using props created by the students.

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