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Sacred Heart Catholic Academy

One in Faith to Instruct, Instill & Inspire

Student/Parent Handbook


115-50 221 Street

Cambria Heights, NY 11411

 Phone: 718-527-0123 

Fax: 718-527-1204



Facebook: Sacred Heart Catholic Academy-Cambria Heights

Affiliated Parishes- South East Queens

Our of Light-St Catherine of Sienna/St. Pascal Baylon- Rev. Jeffry T. Dilion, Pastor

Sacred Heart of Jesus, R. C. Church- Rev Hilaire Belizaire, Pastor

St. Bonaventure/St. Benedict the Moor- Rev. Thaddeus Abraham, Pastor

St. Joseph- Rev. Chris Piasta, Pastor

St. Pius V- Rev. Felix Sanchez, Pastor

Mrs. Smith – Principal

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7.30 -4.00 pm

School Hours: Full Day – 7.30am – 3.30pm

Half Day- 7.30am- 12noon

After School Program: From dismissal to 7pm

(Please note that afterschool may be cancelled due to inclement in weather)


Academy Teachers and Assistants

Mrs. Fils-Aime N/(PK3/ PK4)

Mrs. Fils-Aime N/(PK3/ PK4)

Mrs. Perotti (PK4All)

Mrs. Vitulli (PK4All)    

Mrs. Russo ( K)

Ms. Rafanelli (1)

Mrs Carvajal (2nd Grade)     

   Mrs. Brereton /Mrs. Pierre (3)

Mrs. Staco (4)

   Mrs. Sass (5)

Mrs. Leon  (6)

Mrs. Kiffin-Santiago  (7)

Mr. Aiello  (8)

Mr. Wong (Computer)  

Mrs. Kunz (Phy. Ed)

Ms. Kernizan (Drama)

Title I Teachers

Mrs. Francis

Mrs. Grant

Mrs. James

Mrs. Janow-Baron

Mr. McMahon

Academy Office Staff

Mrs. Kernizan

Mrs. Mekako

Mrs. Cureton-v

Custodial Staff

Mr. Chavarro

Mrs. Duran

Board of Directors

Mr. Aladin Accilien

Mrs. Gina Faustin

Mr. Harry Itoka

Mr. Kevin V. Punch


At Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, we are one in Faith, working together with reverence for God and with respect for one another. 


We strive to instruct instill and inspire each other to be productive Catholic members of the society.

At Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, our students learn the value and traditions of Faith, as we incorporate them in each and every academic and extracurricular activity. Each child is encouraged to discover and appreciate his/her personal worth and value to the community of God’s people.

We strive to provide them with opportunities to develop their fullest potential and the ability to honestly evaluate their own efforts and accomplishments through daily challenges.

In order to instill Faith, we root ourselves in Faith. In order to instruct Faith, we educate ourselves and in order to inspire a Faith response, we strive to live as ministers of His Word.

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy is a school that is governed under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn.

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students in the school.

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of educational or admission policies or any other school administered programs.


Sacred Heart Catholic Academy is a private Catholic institution run solely on tuition and fund-raising fees provided by the students’ parents.  Each family is charged a tuition rate based on the number of children in the family.  The rate and payment schedule are stated on the tuition contract that must be signed by each family.

A registration and/or re-registration fee is due in the second trimester of the school year, generally during Catholic Schools Week, the last week in January.  This fee is non-refundable.  No refunds or pro-rating of tuition will be made.

Tuition is due on the 15th or 30th of each month. All tuition problems/questions must be forwarded in writing to the school.  A reply will be sent home in writing within a week.  Tuition notices will be sent home. Please note: a late fee of $40.00 will be charged for all late payments. 

A payment is late if it is received by the school 10 calendar days after it is due.  To avoid a late charge, tuition must be made through FACTS on or before the due date stated in your tuition contract (the 15th or 30th of each month.) 

Payments may be made through deductions from a checking account or credit card. Please be reminded that all payments made with credit cards attract a 17% interest rate by the bank.       No tuition payments are made at school..  We ask for your cooperation in this matter, as it assures the smooth running of the school year’s closing.  Important note: A fee of $35.00 must be submitted for any check returned by the bank for insufficient or uncollected funds, and all subsequent fees will have to be paid in certified check or money order, only.  

No child will be admitted to class on the first full day of school if all fees are not paid up to date.  Students will not be kept in or allowed to attend class if tuition is not paid up to date and/or a valid reason has not been presented in the office/to the Tuition Review Board.

No school records, report cards, or student transcripts, etc. will be provided for any reason to anyone or to any other institution, unless all fees owed are paid up to date, at the time of request.

No student will be re-registered for the new academic year until all balances are paid.


In order to keep tuition increases to a minimum, fund raising is a necessity. Each family is required to fund raise at least $380 yearly, according to the Parent Commitment Form signed at registration. (We appreciate and thank every family who fund raises beyond this amount.) There will be various opportunities to fund raise throughout the year, sponsored by the school, such as Candy sales, Walk-A-thon, Yankee Candle, Cheesecake and Christmas sales. It is expected that each family will support these fundraisers to the best of their ability. If you choose not to participate in the fund-raising opportunities, a fundraising amount of $380 or any balance not reached will be added to your tuition bill.



Students should arrive at school between 7:15-7:25am for line-up and entrance into class for Morning Prayer at 7:30am.  All students must be present for Morning Prayer or they are considered LATE.   If a student is late three times within a month, it will result in an after-school detention.  ONCE STUDENTS ARRIVE ON SCHOOL PROPERTY THEY MAY NOT LEAVE UNLESS SIGNED OUT BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN.  Dismissal is at 3:30pm.  Grades N & Pre-K are dismissed from the classroom. Grades K-8 will be dismissed from the schoolyard by the flagpole.  Students who walk home are to go straight home.  On bad weather days, students will be dismissed from the Auditorium.  Please enter by the Auditorium door.  Any changes in a student’s dismissal routine must be stated in a letter signed by a parent.


Please listen to 1010 WINS or WCBS 880 on AM radio dial for information on school closings.  Sacred Heart Catholic Academy is a member of the Diocese of Brooklyn and we are in School District 29.  If either of these titles is announced as closed, Sacred Heart Catholic Academy will also be closed. Closings will also be posted on the Academy website.


The students must present a NOTE when returning to class after an absence.  Absences not excused by a written notice from a parent or doctor must be recorded and coded in the roll book as an illegal absence.  If a student is absent for more than three days, please call the school, the homeroom teacher will prepare work for the parent to pick up.  Prolonged absences (3 or more days) require a DOCTOR’S NOTE upon return to school.  Recording of all absences is governed by New York State Board of Education Regulations.  Please use the attached absence form.


No student may leave school before dismissal.  All students, grades Nursery/PK-8, must be signed out at the office by a parent or guardian.


All students must visit their DOCTOR/DENTIST at least ONCE A YEAR. DOCTOR/DENTIST visits should be made after school hours.

Closest clinic is:

NY City Board of Health

90-37 Parsons Blvd.

Jamaica, New York 11432


This service is provided by New York City and we must adhere to its policies and schedules.  Qualified students will receive a Metro card.  Bus privileges can be suspended for MISBEHAVIOR on the bus.  Two suspensions will mandate that the student may no longer ride the bus for that school year.  City Metro Cards are issued twice a year and must be reported to NYC Transit before being replaced.  It is illegal to sell, lend, trade or borrow a card.  The NYC Transit Authority can fine violators.


A calendar of events for the months September 2018-June 2019 has already been issued

There will be monthly updates sent home to amend this initial school calendar, as needed


This form must be filled out completely.  Please notify the school immediately of changes in home and business address, email or telephone numbers, especially in the cases of unlisted numbers.  Please review periodically safety rules and family plans for emergency situations which may arise at school and/or home.


Lunch bags (soft sided) should be purchased for Nursery/PK – 8.  The school lunch period is from 11:30-12:30pm.   Lunch must be sent for each day of the school week.  We ask for a nutritious lunch for the students each day.  Candy, gum, soda, glass bottles or jars are not permitted.

No student is permitted off school grounds during the lunch period, unless signed out by a parent or guardian.  Students should not be sent to the stores in the morning or at dismissal.

In an effort to have students become more responsible for their daily lunch here at 

school, we are asking families to understand that any student without lunch will be provided with a piece of fruit and water and crackers.  Students will be discouraged from calling home.

A lunch program is being introduced for Pre-K through Kindergarten for families who wish to participate. You must complete your application at the beginning of the school year to be eligible. Lunch is provided at $3 per day and is to be paid on a monthly basis.  This lunch program if from Monday to Thursday.

Pizza Days

Pizza money is due by Tuesday morning during homeroom. Money should be put in an envelop with Name of Child, Grade and Amount written. Monies sent in on Wednesday will not be accepted.


A written note expressing parental permission is needed for class trips and walks.


Field trips are privileges accorded to students; no student has an absolute right to a field trip. Students who fail to submit a proper field trip form will not be allowed to participate in the field trip. 


 A 504 form is required for ALL medicine to be dispensed to the student.

Medicine is not to be brought to school without a note from a physician regarding the dosage and times medicine is to be administered.  All medicine will be kept in the nurse’s office.  Students may not have any medicine-aspirin, cough syrup, vitamins, pumps-etc. in their possession here at school. 

Students, who are prescribed glasses by a doctor, must have and wear them in class each day.


The children should always be neatly groomed, and excesses of any kind are not permitted. 

Boys should always be neatly groomed and have conservative haircuts with no dyes, designs, names, symbols, or wandering parts. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings in school.

Girls’ hairstyles should also be appropriate for school.  They should be simple and neat, without dyes, and not a distraction for school study and activities.  Extensions, while highly fashionable, should be at a minimum and the same color as the child’s natural hair, hair should be prepared in a manner that does not obstruct the child’s vision or entice her or others to play with or in the braids.

At Sacred Heart, backsides and boxers should never be visible to the public.  Boys’ pants should fit the waist and a belt or suspenders should be worn each day.

 Despite today’s trends, it is our responsibility, home and school, to teach our children, girls and boys, to be chaste and modest.

Please remember to purchase proper under garments for the girls.  Bras are necessary for most girls past the 4th grade and slips/petti-pants/or shorts are mandatory for ALL girls whenever their jumpers, skirts, or dresses are worn. Sports bras are necessary for girls in need on gym days   Girls are not permitted to wear earrings on gym days, but they may wear small studs or locked back earrings at other times.  HOOP EARRINGS, NAIL POLISH, POCKETBOOKS/PURSES are not permitted in school!!!


Students are allowed to use the office phone during school hours, therefore they have no                                                                   need for phones, beepers or any other communication devices (I-pods/I-phones/Zunes/MP3’s/PSP’s, etc.)  If they are brought to school, they will be taken and returned only to a parent in June. Note: Need for use for travel home will be assessed with a parent on an individual basis only.

We thank you for your cooperation in helping the children adhere to the rules here at school.  Discipline and self-control are important components of positive self-esteem, which lead to positive attitudes and success in academic, social, and spiritual growth.




Flynn & O’Hara School Uniforms

8000 Cooper Avenue

The Shops At Atlas Park –lower level

Glendale, NY 1385

(718) 326-2704



181 Jericho Turnpike

New Hyde Park, NY 11040

(516) 616-1488


Pants, vest with school emblem, and sweater are all navy blue.  Ties (plaid) must be worn at all times with dress shirts.  White dress shirts & tie, white/red turtlenecks, or white/red imprinted golf shirts with the school emblem may be worn.  Black Dress shoes & socks must be worn every day except on Gym day.  No sneakers, sneaker shoes, boot, or boot styled shoes may be worn with the dress uniform.  During the winter months, shoes must be brought to school to replace the boots needed outside for inclement weather.


A plaid tie & jumper (at least 2 inches below the knee) or navy pants, with white/red shirts, navy blue vest with school emblem, and navy sweater are the components of the girl’s dress uniform.  Blouses-white long or short sleeved or white/red golf shirts with the school emblem and white/red turtlenecks are permitted.  Tights (white or navy) may be worn at any time during the year; knee socks (white or navy) may be worn in the fall-Sept.-Nov. and in the spring – April-June.  Red tights/knee socks may be worn with red uniform shirt.

Shoes must be sturdy dark oxfords or loafers.  Mary Janes are also acceptable. 

Appropriate sneakers may be worn only on gym days or assigned dress down days.  No sneaker shoes, boots, boot shoes, platforms, high heels, sandals/flip flops, clogs, ballerina strapless type shoes or slides may be worn in school. 

During the winter months, shoes must be brought to school to replace the boots needed outside for the inclement weather.  Socks/tights must be worn each day.


Stud or locked earrings, simple watches with no sound effects/a Cross and/ or a religious medal are the only jewelry that should be worn in school – No HOOPS!!!

No names plates/gold chains/ insignia, etc.


Mandatory wear:

A Sacred Heart imprinted T-shirt & sweatshirt & imprinted red sweat pants/red shorts;  White socks, all white low sneakers (inexpensive, no brand names necessary-no lights/colors/gadgets or high heels.)

NO JEWELRY may be worn in the gym.  Please leave jewelry at home on gym day; we will not be responsible for lost items.

NOTE:  A medical note must be brought into the office in order for a student to be excused from gym class for any injury or illness, and a doctor’s clearance is necessary to permit the student to resume activity.

All students are expected to be in full uniform every day.  A rare emergency must be explained by a parent’s note or phone call.

Unexcused dress code infractions (dress or gym uniforms) will result in next day, after school detention for grades 1-8.



BoysDress shirt and tie/turtleneck;

Sports jacket/sweater/vest.

Dress pants and shoes and socks.

Girls Moderate/long length dresses or skirts with tailored blouses or sweaters, tights/socks and shoes.  

NO mini skirts/dresses; no low cut back or front out, no middies/crop tops, no sandals/jellies/clogs.


Jeans properly fitted (not 2,3 sizes too big-too long-too tight) belted to waist not backside.  

Properly laced sneakers sweat shirts/polos-no slogans.

Abuse of the opportunity of dressing out of uniform will result in the cancellation of this privilege.


Homework is an important component of learning.  It reinforces the daily lessons and allows the student to practice the skills taught in class, independently.          

ALL students will have daily written and study assignments.

Nursery, Pre-K Nursery & Pre- Kindergarten students are given homework in their FOLDER on Fridays to be returned on Mondays.

Kindergarten Kindergarten students are given daily homework.  Please check folders and empty them daily.  A parent or guardian must sign all homework.

Grades 1 & 2 The students use pencils for classwork and homework at all times.  Grade 1 & 2- write assignments in notebooks.  Written and study assignments are given nightly.  They are written in their homework planners.  Unfinished classwork must be finished for homework.  Parental signature is required on each assignment.  Work sheets should be studied each night.  All work sent home to be completed should be returned the next day-signed.

Grades 3-8 Unfinished Classwork IS To Be Completed At Home Each Night!  Classwork notebooks should be checked nightly.

Grade 3 The students use pencils for classwork and homework at all times.  The students will copy nightly assignments in their special student assignment book.  Classwork not completed is to be done for homework each night.  A special weekly/monthly calendar is sent home with tests and homework assignments.  A parent’s copy is also sent home. ALL HOMEWORK AND TESTS MUST BE SIGNED.

Grade 4 Students in Grade 4 will use pencils for class work and pen for tests, except Math, which is always done in pencil.  Students will write in script at all times.  Classwork should be completed and reviewed each night and on weekends, especially in Reading and Mathematics.  Study homework, which is given each night, is very important as it serves to reinforce learning.  Homework assignments are written in special student assignment books.  All homework and classwork must be completed in script and signed by a parent.  Parents MUST check their child’s assignment book and subject notebooks daily.

Grades 1-4 Incomplete or missing classwork/homework will result in lunch detention.  After school detention will result for repeated offenses.  In times of emergency situations, missing/incomplete homework will only be excused by a parent’s note and must be made up the next night and submitted the next school day.

Grades 5-8 On the Junior High Level, study assignments are given daily in all subject areas.  Written assignments are given nightly and must be signed by a parent.  All academic areas have assignments/projects on a regular basis.  Please check your child’s daily assignment book.  Each student must read one book per week (student’s choice) and (1) BOOK PER MONTH (ASSIGNED).  Students have library books available to them here at school and a book report is required each month for a different subject area. ALL HOMEWORK MUST BE SIGNED-NIGHTLY-BY-A- PARENT.  In an emergency, homework may be excused, but only with a note from a parent or guardian, and it must be made up by the next night and brought into school the next day.  Students will receive same day after school detention to complete any missing classwork or homework.


Grades 1-8 Tests are given on appointed or announced days.  Students are given prior notice.  Tests are administered in all areas upon the completion of a topic, chapter, or unit.  Students must correct all tests, have them signed by parent, and return them to school the next day.  PARENTS SHOULD SEE GRADED CLASSWORK, HOMEWORK, PROJECTS, TESTS, AND QUIZZES IN EACH SUBJECT AREA.  THESE MATERIALS WILL BE USED FOR ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION EACH MARKING PERIOD.  IF THESE ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOT PRODUCED CONSISTENTLY, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


Sacred Heart Catholic Academy participates in the National Terra Nova and the New York State Testing. These tests are designed to ensure and monitor that our students develop strong academic and analytical skills. 

Our New York State test scores represent our heterogeneous school population and a broad spectrum of student ability. The majority of the students score in Levels 2, 3, or 4 on the New York State Test.

TITLE 1 ESL/Mathematics/Reading/Guidance classes are important assets to the students’ learning environment.  Please attend orientations, workshops & evaluations as requested.


Students receive awards at the end of the third trimester to recognize those students who have achieved academic excellence and adhere to the code of conduct.

First Honors: A+ average with no grade less than an A.

Second Honors: A average with no grade less than a B

Principal’s List: B average with no grade less than a C.

** Averages include all academic subjects including Spanish, Music, Art and Physical Education and excellence in conduct & effort.


Every student in grades K-8 must successfully pass all subjects in order to be promoted to the next grade. Failure in one or more subject areas will require summer school for the subject area failed in order to be promoted to the next grade the following year. 

Retention in a grade is subject to failing three or more subject areas as well as failing the summer school program in those areas.

The principal decides all promotions and retentions, and will consult with all teams, teachers and parents based on the evaluation of the student’s growth in all areas of development and will make the final decision.


Celebrates those students who have maintained a proper code of conduct and academic achievement befitting a Sacred Heart Catholic Academy graduate. These students have the privilege to attend the graduation awards ceremony & Luncheon, as well as special activities and trip accorded to the graduates. All fees and tuition must be paid in order to attend all activities and Ceremony. The graduation fee of $300 due by Monday, March 4th, 2018, which covers Diplomas, cap & gown, postage for H.S mailings, retreat, awards, cords and medals. (This fee is Mandatory). Information and fees for individual graduate trips will be sent separately.

Pre-K through Kindergarten have a Fly up fee of $125 which covers all fees and fun activities and is due Friday, May 10, 2018.


Report Cards are distributed for each of the three trimesters in December, March and June.  A Parent or guardian must come into school at the time appointed to meet with the teachers and receive the reports. All tuition payments must be current in order to receive Report cards and attend conferences. Please refer to the calendar for dates.

Academic Codes Progress Code
A+   97-100

A      93 – 96

B+    89 – 92

B      85 – 88

C+    81 – 84

C      77 – 80

D+    74 – 76

D      70 – 73

F       Below 70

E  Excellent

G  Good

S   Satisfactory

N   Need Improvement

U   Unsatisfactory

X   Not Assessed this Trimester



SCHOOL The school heading is to be used for all classwork, homework 

HEADING and testing at all times.  The correct format is as follows:




SUPPLIES Names should be clearly marked on all belongings (N – 8). 

Students must come to school with the necessary materials prescribed for each day: *** sharpened pencils (all grades), and grades 4-8 pens (blue ink only) (NO ERASABLE PENS), notebooks, loose-leaf, folders, dictionaries, textbooks, etc.  

Trapper keepers and spirals are NOT permitted in school.

All students in grades Pk-8 must have book bags large enough to carry all necessary belongings.    


Since it is impossible to participate in class activities without the proper materials, parents should be aware that students in grades 4 – 8 who are unprepared for class will receive detention and be expected to make up missing work at that time.

All books must be covered:  Grades K – 8 

Textbooks should be covered with heavy, book sox (no tape can be used).  Parents please know that textbooks cost from $60.00-$80.00. Your child should be very careful not to deface or destroy any book.  You, the parent, will have to pay for a new one to be purchased.  

Workbooks should be covered with clear contact, which will help the book last the whole year.  Notebooks should be hardcover.  The students are instructed to use both sides of each page, and pages should never be torn out.  

DRAWING IN/ON BOOKS IS PROHIBITED and may require the purchase of a new book (parents’ expense).




 The school communities within the Brooklyn Diocese believe in the sanctity of

human life and the inherent dignity of the human person. We believe that all students, school

employees and volunteers have a right to a safe and healthy school environment. All members

of the school community, in turn, have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance. Research shows that students who learn in a safe and supportive environment succeed academically. Students have a right to learn in an environment free of any harassment that substantially interferes with their education. 


Bullying, bias-based harassment/intimidation are intentional, repeated, hurtful acts (physical, verbal, written) committed by one or more persons towards another person or persons. It usually involves an actual or perceived imbalance of power which can be physical, emotional or verbal.

This policy applies to the use of technology both inside and outside the Academy. In accordance with New York State Law on Cyberbullying content that is found to be inappropriate, defamatory or injurious to Sacred Heart Catholic Academy and/or any community member may result in disciplinary action at the sole discretion of the principal. This applies even if such actions occur away from academy premises or using devices not owned or controlled by the academy.  

If not addressed, bullying can lead to the creation of a hostile, offensive or intimidating school environment and can affect a student’s educational opportunities. The behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • Physical: physical violence, stalking, threats, aggressive or menacing gestures, exclusion from peer groups which is intended to humiliate or isolate the target (relational bullying)
  • Verbal: taunts, teasing, derogatory language, derogatory jokes, name calling, slurs, spreading rumors 
  • Written: written or graphic material including graffiti containing comments or stereotypes that are electronically written and transmitted via internet, social messaging sites, blogs, instant messaging, text messages, cell phone, and webcams. This would also include forwarding such messages if received. This generally constitutes cyberbullying. 

Reporting Procedures:

  • The targeted student, parent/guardian of a student or other students in the school (bystanders), or any school staff who believe that bullying has occurred should report the incident to the principal. 
  • The principal needs to conduct an investigation by interviewing all parties separately.
  • The parents of all involved students should be notified. 
  • If it is determined that bullying has occurred the child who bullied is to be subject to consequences per the school’s disciplinary code. 
  • Parents should be advised to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency if the situation warrants such a report.
  • Referral to counseling should be made for all parties if deemed necessary. 
  • The principal must follow up to see that the offending conduct has stopped. 
  • All students should be notified that retaliation against anyone who makes a report will not be tolerated and those that retaliate will be subject to disciplinary actions.

 The principal, with advice from the superintendent, is the final resource in all disciplinary situations and may waive any disciplinary rule for just cause at her discretion.


Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Vaping Any Use or Possession of any such items or related materials may result in immediate dismissal from school. The Administration has sole discretion in its response to any such incident. Sacred Heart Catholic Academy has a ZERO-Tolerance for illegal use of any harmful items. Smoking / Vaping is not permitted within the school, on school property or in the streets around the school. Violations of this rule will result in expulsion.


A) Teacher corrects student, if necessary teacher will notify the parent and an

     interview will be requested.

b) For continuous infractions against a school regulation, for discourteous

    action, or incomplete assignments, a student will receive detention.

c) DETENTION will be given at the teacher’s discretion for any infraction of

school rules.  Parents will receive written notice, which must be signed and returned the next day.


d) For more serious or continuous problems, the teacher and/or Principal will

request the parents to come to school for an interview.  If suspension should become necessary, the Principal will notify the parents.


If an action requires suspension the procedure will be as follows:

  1. Isolation of student here at school.
  2. Notification of parents/guardians to come and take student home.
  3. Student/Parent/Teacher/Principal conference.
  4. Public apology from the student.

Suspension will occur for the following reasons:

  1. Use of improper language at any time.
  2. Conflict, which causes verbal/physical injury to another.
  3. For any disrespectful action toward anyone serving in the school.
  4. Any other action deemed serious enough to warrant suspension at the Principal’s discretion.
  5. Please note that truancy is cause for immediate suspension and may even warrant expulsion from Sacred Heart.

EXPULSION occurs for very grave reasons.  (Possession or use of drugs or weapons, serious acts of aggression, repeated belligerence and disrespectful actions, repeated violence and refusal to adhere to school rules as well as any other infraction deemed inappropriate by the Principal/Superintendent.)


Asbestos Management Plan

The Diocese of Brooklyn conducts the required 3 year A.H.E.R.A. (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) re-inspection of  its buildings.  An updated asbestos management plan for the building is on file in the school office.

Pesticide Neighbor Notification Law

This notice is to inform you that a pesticide application to the Sacred Heart Catholic Academy facility occurs after school hours, toward the end of each month.   Please note that proper precautions are taken to protect all students and staff from exposure to any materials used. 

The principal retains the right to amend this handbook as needed.

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy One in faith to instruct, instill, and inspire.
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