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Thank you for your interesting registering your child(ren) at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy in Cambria Heights! We are happy to welcome you and your children to our school family, and look forward to working together on providing a strong and faith-filled education. Please complete this Registration Form in FULL, so that we may have an accurate and up-to-date record for your child. This is very important, as we continue to rely on virtual communication with parents and students.

Please complete each required field, and any that apply to your child. At this time, we will need each family to complete a separate form for each child. Where required but not applicable, please fill in “N/A” or an appropriate response. For example, for Occupation, if Self-Employed, Stay-At-Home Mom, Retired, etc., please fill in with the appropriate text and type “N/A” for Employer.

To read more about our Mission and our school, please visit our About page.

As parent(s)/guardians, of the above student, we are knowingly and willingly enrolling our child/children in Sacred Heart Catholic Academy. We are aware that the registration fee is non-refundable. Most importantly, we are also aware that as a Catholic School, Religion, in prayer and works, is an integral component of the daily educational program here. As such, we have chosen Sacred Heart, in part, due to the value based program of study administered here. We, therefore, pledge to respect and uphold the religious and academic program promulgated and taught here at school in all aspects of the child/children’s learning experiences and assigned schoolwork – class work, homework, projects, and tests as well as all other related activities. We will cooperate fully in our child/children’s growth and development, physically, mentally, and spiritually. We sign this inscription form as a testament to our sincerity in this matter.

By completing and submitting this registration form, you agree to the above testament.


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