Second Grade Community Diorama Project


We have been studying communities. Every second grader would like to use their knowledge to create a Community diorama due Thursday, November 7th. Each second grader is asked to gather all the materials they will need to successfully build a detailed

Community diorama.

Please select one Community from these 3 choices for your

diorama Urban Rural Suburban


1 shoebox Paper or materials to cover the box that matches your Community choice 

Crayons, markers, scissors, glue, pencils.

Pictures of people, animals, and things that belong to your


Writing paper ®

Loose leaf©


1. Choose a Community that interests you.

2. Collect all the materials that you will need to build it.

3. Draw or print pictures of people, animals, and things that

belong to your community to glue on your diorama.

4. Read information about the community and record this

information on loose leaf paper to glue on your diorama.

Some information that you may like to write about could include things like∫ What type of Community it is? Describe your Community. How is life in your Community?

5. Bring your project to school by Thursday, November 7th