Friday 10/12/18

Religion- Homily Report

ELA- Study Storytelling fable. You will be reciting it next week without having to look at the book.


Tearing continues next week

Thursday 10/11/18

Math- Worksheet

ELA- Definition, Part of Speech, Synonyms/Antonyms. Words 11-20 in your Vocabulary Workshop pp. 22-23

Study for tomorrow’s test

Tuesday 10/9/18

Religion- Work on Unit 5 in your Workbook and Notebook

ELA- Spelling/ Vocabulary Unit 2

-3x each in ABC order in notebook (1-20)

-Read pp. 22

Correct and Sign Spelling Test from 9/28


Go to Bed EARLY

EAT a great breakfast

Bring 10 sharpened #2 regular pencils in a zip lock bag.

Friday 10/5/18

Math- Simple Solutions Complete Lessons 7 and 8

ELA– Study (again) for Spelling/ Vocabulary Test. Study fairy tale/ fable for Story Telling. Due next Friday.

Science Go over water notes

Religion- Homily Report


Terra Nova Testing starts next week. Please make sure you go to bed early and have a good breakfast.

Thursday 10/4/18

Math- Simple Solutions Complete Lessons 5 and 6


1. Go Over Water Notes

2. Study for your Spelling/Vocabulary test. Know your antonyms, synonyms, parts of speech and definitions.

3. Read “Grammar for Writing”. Write a rough draft on loose leaf paper.

” “Leaf” Back Through Time”!

Think of a time when you were very excited, interested, sad or worried.

•What made you feel that way ?

•What did you say?

•Who did you tell?

Wednesday 10/3/18

Spelling/Vocabulary –Go over your workbook pages 17-21. Make sure all of your work is done.

Social Studies- Add the following words with their definitions, parts of speech and sentences to your notebook:






Read- “Sailing Around the World”. Annotate and answer the questions.

Math– Simple Solutions Lessons 3 and 4

Tuesday 10/2/18


1. Complete back and front of “Multiplying/Dividing” Fractions

2. Simple Solutions: Complete Lessons 1 and 2 (pp. 2 and 4)

Social Studies- Study “Themes of Geography”


Vocabulary Workshop: Words 1-10 Definitions and Parts of Speech

Synonyms and Antonyms

Write your own sentence

Complete pp. 18 and 19. (please also complete p. 17 from last night.)


There will be a meeting tonight for the parents of all 6 grade boys at 6pm here at the school.

I hope everyone has had a great Summer!

I’ve been getting things ready for you, and am looking forward to seeing all of my familiar faces, and meeting new ones.

We have a very full schedule this year. There is lots to learn and do!

Get ready to work hard and do your best.